Producer: Juicy J

Album: Chronicles of the Juice Man

Label: North North Records

Juicy J: “Yeah, that's a song he did with me off my little solo... We was in the studio one day, just recorded the motherfucker. I made the beat, and we just did it. Frayser Boy was a friend of Koopsta Knicca’s, one of the guys in the group. He was just a homie that came by the studio all the time. He had some lyrics, man, know what I'm saying?

He seemed like a cool guy. We signed him and gave him a chance. He was one of the writers on the ‘Hard Out Here for a Pimp’ song, which was great. He got an Oscar too. It was a blessing man. I was shocked. It was some underground shit. I was still like, ‘Damn, motherfuckers like me on some solo shit.’”