"Come On Baby" f/ Swizz Beatz

"Come On Baby (Remix)" f/ Swizz Beatz & Jay-Z

Produced by: Just Blaze
Complex says: Looks like The Yardfather was able to strong-arm his masters and keep this Just Blaze banger as well as Jay's verse from the remix. Only difference is, Saigon didn't keep his verse from the remix—instead, he used his first and third verse from the original version and stuck Jay's verse in the middle. Either way, this song still sounds pretty good after all these years. Funny story: Saigon mentioned that the reason Jay got on the record was because Jay kept taking all the beats Just Blaze meant to give him. He even claimed that Jay's "Show Me What You Got," "Ignorant Shit," and "Kingdom Come" were all originally meant for him.