In a flawless showcase of brand evolution, Soulland took to the runway to showcase 'Commuters trilogy vol. 002 - Public Domain' for Autumn/Winter 2020. 

Serving as a natural continuation of their commuter's trilogy - a series framed by the exploration of the phenomonon of public transport and its diverse community of travellers - Public Domain offers a deeper commitment to sustainability, alongside naturally large aesthetic strides forward. These commitments run parallel to a motivated effort to further develop the brand's Womenswear, an effort that has achieved two independent directions that both retain Soulland's undeniable signature. 

Speaking on the foundations driving the narrative of the collection, Silas Adler, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Soulland said: “We are trying to tell a story in multiple chapters to dig deeper within one single source of inspiration. The source of inspiration begins with a journey, how travellers get from point A to B and the culture it brings along. I am always amazed sitting down in a train, how democratic an arena it is and how diverse the story that each person is carrying around is.” 

A direction outlined continually throughout prior seasons, AW20 pushes the brand's sustainable efforts further, allowing the team to develop both their Men's and Womenswear collections from 83% sustainable materials. Commenting on the brand's eco push, Jacob Kampp Berliner, Co-Founder and CEO said: "One and a half year ago we started Soulland’s journey towards becoming as sustainable as possible for a clothing brand. We internally, have set the bar as high as possible and knew from the beginning this would mean we would disappoint ourselves for seasons before we have reached our target. We decided we openly would communicate about both our successes and failures throughout this journey. We have made some major steps over the last season, it´s been very costly and also through very hard work. The goal is clear, we want 100% of our production to be made of certified, recycled, organic or upcycled materials. We are not there, but I can proudly say that every Soulland product now comes in a biodegradable polybag, all labels, hangtags are certified and 83% of our menswear and 62% of womenswear collection is certified”

Autumn/Winter 2020 also sees Soulland welcome three new collaborations with artist Lulu Kaalund, product designer Nikolaj Mentze and the world-renowned Peanuts cartoon by Charles M. Schulz. 

Take a look at standout looks from Soulland's AW20 runway show below, and head over to their online store to view the latest products and view every look from the show now.

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