A new Banksy mural has appeared in London over the weekend. The artwork, which sits across from the French Embassy, depicts a young girl with tears streaming down her face and a can of CS gas underneath her. The image is based on the iconic poster for the musical Les Miserables

Like his recent Steve Jobs mural, the latest work is a critique of the ongoing refugee crisis. Banksy is condemning the use of teargas in the Calais refugee camp also known as "The Jungle." For the first time the elusive artist included a QR code alongside the piece. When scanned, a link reveals a video of a raid at the camp that appears to use tear gas and rubber bullets to evict 1,500 migrants earlier this month. 

Last year, Banksy relocated the materials from his dystopian theme park Dismaland to Calais to provide shelter to its 6,000 refugees. The Jungle was recently deemed unsafe and French authorities are attempting to evict migrants so that it can bulldoze areas of the camp, according to The Guardian.