A new show at the International Center of Photography is asking us "What Is a Photograph?" Exploring the evolution of the photograph as a contemporary medium, the exhibition makes us question what it means to snap a photo, whether on a fancy, professional lens or on a crude iPhone. The exhibition opens tomorrow and will run until May 4, 2014.

The show focuses on experimentation in photography that began in the 1970s and traces the short history of the practice today. What started as imprints on light-sensitive paper and moved into the darkroom is now dominated by the digital. We spoke to Carol Squiers, the curator of "What Is a Photograph?" about a new generation of photographers and how they have completely revolutionized the medium. 

"What Is a Photograph?" opens Jan. 1 and runs until May 4, 2014 at ICP.

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Curator Carol Squiers Answers the Question "What Is a Photograph?", the Title of Her New Show at ICP