In an unforeseen turn of events the Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant has requested a trade from the organization. The news came just days after Kyrie Irving opted into his contract to remain with the Nets. Entering his 15th season in the association, Durant will be joining his fourth different franchise unless he returns to the Oklahoma City Thunder or Golden State Warriors. Those two destinations are unlikely as KD has listed the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat as his two preferred teams. While Durant, has made his request and listed his preferences, the Nets front office doesn’t necessarily have to honor those requests. The franchise will likely find the best deal for them to rebuild and it’ll likely be the first of two major deals with the second shipping out Kyrie Irving. 

Considering the length KD has left on his contract, the caliber of player he currently is, and where he ranks historically if he’s traded, he will almost certainly command a historic amount of draft capital and collection of players. The starting point for a potential KD package is likely at least one current All-Star or blue chip prospect, two other high-level rotation players, and six or more draft picks.

With all that being said, here are some possible Kevin Durant trades.