Everybody loves Stephen Curry. Well, maybe except for the Portland Trail Blazers. His boyish charm, ball-handling wizardry, and era-defining shooting have transformed the long-range legend into a bona fide hoops hero. All the winning doesn’t hurt either.

Off the court, No. 30, his wife Ayesha and their three kids Riley, Ryan, and Canon represent the unofficial first family of the NBA. Shoutout to Riley Curry blessing us with those iconic 2015 post-game pressers.

When you’ve reached icon status, like Steph has, rappers tend to notice. Hip-hop and hooping, in particular, have gone hand-in-hand for generations, and Curry’s unique blend of on-court ferocity and IRL regular dudeness make him an ideal name drop in any bar.

In honor of the baby-faced assassin and the genre that pays its respects to ballers more than any other, we’ve assembled eight of the most memorable Steph Curry name checks and ranked them out of 5 mouthguards.