Klay Thompson is back where his improbable rise began. Santa Margarita Catholic High School has changed a lot in the nine years since he graduated, but every trip back here for him is like going back in time.

For Thompson, this place feels both the same and totally different.

Walking into the locker room, he casually says with his trademark deadpan delivery, “This is where I used to stuff kids in lockers.” He’s joking...I think.

The offseason is almost over—the 27-year-old will head back to the Bay Area in two days—and he has the Drake “I’m On One” look: skin tan and hair long. He has eschewed his signature goatee and crisp fade in favor of a little ’fro and beard. He’s rocking a sleeveless black hoodie, grey Warriors sweatpants, and, of course, gold-and-black Anta KT2s—his go-to kicks until the KT3s drop.

Lights, sound, camera, and crew file into the SMCHS locker room. Thompson is here for a promo shoot with the bracelet brand Rastaclat, his newest sponsor. This morning, he is exactly as you would expect: laid back. He’s renowned for his chill. As Warriors coach Steve Kerr put it, “if I could do it all again, I would be Klay...the most low-maintenance guy on Earth.”

Cameras start flashing, but first the 6’7” guard wants to set the mood right. “Can we get some music?” he asks.

He pulls out his iPhone and hands it to his agent, who plugs it into a speaker. For the next four hours, Klay will serve as de facto DJ, spinning hip-hop and reggae. With music bumping, Thompson is ready. He dances and vibes to Travis Scott’s “Sweet Sweet.”

All eyes and iPhones are on Klay, but he seems comfortable as the center of attention.