Nick Young is now in his third season with the Los Angeles Lakers, and he has a reputation of being a bit of a chucker. Kobe Bryant has played sparingly the last two years due to injury, and he doesn't usually pass the ball a whole lot himself.

Combine these two facts, and you have some hilarious statistics that show how much these guys actually like to shoot.

ESPN's Tom Haberstroh did the research, and found that Bryant and Young have played 371 minutes together. And somewhat incredibly, Young has never assisted Bryant even once.

It's not as though Young is known for distributing the basketball, but he did assist 10 other Lakers teammates at least once last year. And since he averages just a single assist per game, there aren't exactly a ton of opportunities to get Bryant the ball.

As for Kobe finding Young, he wasn't much better. But he does have 14 assists to Young over that same span.

Admit it -- Lakers games are now must-watch the rest of the season, just to see if Young will eventually find Kobe with a pass that leads to a bucket just once.

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