At some point in the next year or two (or three?), Kobe Bryant is going to make the decision to retire from the NBA. But as of right now, he says he has not decided when that will be yet. So during an appearance on Grantland Basketball Hour over the weekend, Kobe shot down a report that The Hollywood Reporter released late last week called "Kobe Bryant Confirms He's Quitting Basketball After One More Season" and reiterated that he's not sure when he's going to hang up his sneakers for good.

"That's not true," he said when Bill Simmons asked him about the THR report.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kobe also talked about his time playing alongside Dwight Howard (he said he wouldn't do anything differently if he could go back in time), confirmed a long-standing rumor about him nixing a trade to the Pistons in 2007, and spoke more about the idea of him retiring from basketball. Go here to see some highlights from the interview.

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