If you could pitch your dream project, what would you do or say? What would be the hook to get an investor to buy in? How would you stand out from the crowd? All these questions and more are answered in Pigeons & Planes’ Elevator Pitch presented by Sprite.

Creatives from across the country and multiple disciplines received an opportunity to showcase their talent and propose it to three judges, Atlanta-based photographer, Gunner Stahl, bicoastal stylist Haylee Ahumada, and Brooklyn-born recording artist Erick the architect.

In the final episode of the three-part series, viewers meet fashion designer Seth Giscombe from Virginia and Dorothy Lawes, also a fashion designer, from Brooklyn, New York. After each creator offered some background about their hometowns and talent, they pitched their work to the diverse group of judges, answering questions and informing the panel on why their project should be invested in.

Check out the final video above to see which creator won Pigeons & Planes’ final episode Elevator Pitch.