Nick Cannon Opens Up to Amber Rose About His Sex Life With Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon opens up to Amber Rose about his sex life with Mariah Carey and reveals they hooked up to her own music.

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If you ever wished you were a fly on the wall in Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey's relationship, now's your chance. Cannon, who is now divorced from Carey, appeared on the Amber Rose Show where he was asked to divulge information about his sex life with the globally-known singer. Who wasn't curious about that?

Rose asked Cannon if he ever had sex to a Mariah Carey song and apparently he has. Cannon got in trouble for talking about it while he was still married to Carey—and if you were wondering what the song was, it was "Hero." It's probably one of the most interesting tidbits of information that we'll ever get out of Cannon about his relationship with Carey, so we'll have to treasure that nugget.

Later, Cannon goes onto talk about his worst breakup story, which "the world has seen," according to him. Cannon then took Rose's audience back in time to a moment in high school when he saw a girl named Ebony, his purported crush and/or girlfriend, "smashing" his best friend. Cannon was a self-proclaimed "good Christian boy" back then so he wasn't having sex, but apparently he's held this story with him over the years. 

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Who knew Cannon was such a wealth of personal information?

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