Pro ‘Call of Duty’ Players Put Their Skills to the Test in Hot Ones’ ‘Dab of Duty’

Watch three Call of Duty players take a bite out Hot Ones' famous The Last Dab Apollo hot sauce while duking it out in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.'

When you’re one of the best Call of Duty players on the scene, you’re always looking for a new way to test your skills. So, for Call of Duty League players Attach, Asim and Apathy, that means going head-to-head in the “Dab of Duty” challenge. 

Under normal circumstances, racking up kills on the field would be a walk in the park for this trio, but when you’re tasked with eating a series of wings doused in Hot Ones’ The Last Dab Apollo hot sauce, it becomes a bit more challenging. 

Sitting across from Sean Evans, each player was served a plate of hot wings and then had five minutes to see who can get the most kills in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War using only a knife or tomahawk. Racing the clock in multiplayer mode, the guys fought to the finish line while dealing with the intense heat in their mouths. “It’s all mental,” says Apathy. “I’m kidding. My tongue is sweating.”

Check out the video above to see who came out on top in this fiery tournament, and for the best Call of Duty play of the year, tune into the Call of Duty League Championship Weekend August 19-22. Eight of the best teams from the regular season will duke it out in Los Angeles’ Galen Center live for a $1.2 million cash prize.

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