Superheroes have a lot on their plate, what with saving the girl, saving the world, and trying to maintain some sort of secret identity. But even heroes need some help when it comes to fashion. Even heroes need to look good. Right?

Introducing Five Four’s new Marvel® capsule collections, which are built on a simple principle: to take elements of the Marvel Universe and create bold new designs that are modern, sophisticated, and above all, fashionable. The result is an expansive offering that reinterprets both the familiar and the iconic.

The first collection in the series is as playful as it is stylish, with unique elements and adventurous details. Comic-inspired print lining, vented zippers, secret pockets, sleeves with thumbholes—these are just a few of the finer points that the Marvel® capsule collections offer to both the fashionable wearer and the curious observer. This is functional fashion, and design through discretion. This lets you be your own style hero.

For a closer look at Five Four’s new Marvel® capsule collections, be sure to watch this video. You can also see the brand new lookbook by visiting here.  And as an exclusive early offer for Complex readers, use the code “MARVEL” at checkout.