The Office turns 10 today. If Michael Scott were throwing the party, he might ask Phyllis to jump out of a cake, order 5,000 balloons covered in his portrait, knock a candle over, light the place on fire, and pretend the firemen that show up are male strippers he ordered. Surprise!

But for the occasion, we decided to make a list instead. There’s plenty of Pam loves Jim and Jim loves Pam moments, Dwight being an idiot, or memes to be made of co-worker confessionals. Most importantly, though, if any lesson is to be learned from spending 10 years watching The Office, it’s what’s not to do via the character of Mr. Scott. If anyone in any sort of management position did any of the things Michael did, they’d all be fired by now.

We’ve narrowed down 10 instants of Michael at his managerial worst. Choosing only 10 wasn’t an easy task. If you’re an Office advocate, you know there’s at least one every episode.

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