The personal audio system market is growing in both size and competitiveness. With heavy hitters like Beats Audio, Jambox, Bose, as well as dozens of others having launched products, it's increasingly difficult to stand apart from the crowd. Your device no longer just has to sound great, but it has to look the part, fit the budget, and offer features that can compete with some of the biggest names in audio.

Luckily for House Of Marley, their "Get Together" personal audio system fits all of these demands. 

Coming in at about $200, the Get Together is roughly $100 less than the comparable Beats Pill XL and maintains a look and sound that can give anything a run for it's money. It brings all the volume necessary to fill any party space without compromising quality of sound. The highs and mids maintain their crispness while the Get Together pumps out heavy bass, something not many other devices in this range can claim. 

The Get Together also separates itself aesthetically. House of Marley went out of their way to make their audio system look and feel different as well, opting to use properly sourced wood for the front while surrounding the box in an upcycle fabric made of recycled water bottles, cotton, and hemp. Tracy Anderson, Creative Director for House of Marley, says the goal was to separate their personal audio system from the rest by focusing on community instead of celebrity, hoping to bring an air of inclusiveness and environmental awareness to the speaker marketplace. The company even works closely with the Marley family in Jamaica to put tens of thousands into a women's soccer program there as well as using 1loveproject to give to charity. That, along with their creative partnerships with companies like Psy-op, truly separate them from the rest.

But if your focus remains on sound, looks, and cost and less on Jamaican charities, the Get Together still delivers. Check out their other videos by exposure, AllDayEveryDay, and mssngpeces and see if House of Marley's new soundbox works for you.