When communicating with people, why be basic and use witty verbal responses when you can scour the Internet for the best GIFs to fill any situational void? There's no excuse.

That said, we're not encouraging you to dig into your folder of cat memes and Kevin Hart reaction faces here. Expand your GIF horizon and really impress your pals with the best Angelina Jolie reaction GIFs the Internet has to offer. Nobody teeters on every emotion like the Maleficent star.

When you finish binge-reading the Game of Thrones series:

After putting your two weeks in:


When you're outside a bar and another patron tells you that smoking is dirty, ugly, and bad for your health:

When that friend you don't like texts you and says that you "forgot" to pick them up for the party:

When someone asks you what role you played when you saw your ex at the bar:

When someone asks what life after college is like:

When your friends keep calling your phone on a Friday night but you're chillin' with bae like:

When you realize you forgot your phone charger:

When the wrong person asks you how your day has been:

When that one person in your group text keeps reiterating the problem at hand and you have to put them in their place:

And then the other people in said group have to text you separately about your choice words:

Then you respond back like:

When someone approaches you and says, "You look like you lost some weight":

When you cook dinner and bae hits you with the "Be home later, don't wait up" text:

When you've had way too many shots at a wedding:

When people hear pumpkin spice lattes are coming back:

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