With the new RoboCop movie making its way to theaters pretty soon now, we thought we would give you a full Complex breakdown of why the trailer is truly incredible. Check it out below and make sure to see the movie Feb. 12.

0:03: Samuel L. Jackson is not a bad start to show off this all-star cast. Plus his hair gets a reboot for this reboot.

0:10: They definitely didn't cut any corners with the special effects.

0:20: Man and machine living together…always a match made in heavenly actions movies.

0:29: "Robophobic." Looks like we'll also get some good social commentary with this blockbuster. Always a plus.

0:35: Michael Keaton! Not much else to say here. Don’t expect to see Batman, though.

0:54: Introduction of Joel Kinnaman and his classic, smooth voice…casting remains on point.

1:00: First explosion…YES YES YES YES YES.

1:08: AND Gary Oldman? This cast could have won the damn Super Bowl.

1:13: RoboCop's side arm! Further proof the reboot is still keeping some of the iconic imagery and gadgets of the original.

1:15: Hittin' us with the sleek new black-armored RoboCop. 2014 is time for change, and this movie is doing it in style.

1:27: Like Michael Keaton says…"Wow." The gun fighting is definitely getting us more excited.

1:29: Is that dude from This Is The End and that cancelled show Undeclared? Yup, that's Jay Barachel, yet another glorious cast addition.

1:50: The trailer gives insight that this RoboCop might have another side to him…one with emotions. Another update that we can't wait to see.

1:55: Did…did…did he just drive his motorcycle into a window and jump off to battle the epically iconic ED-209? YES. HE DID.

Everything equals CAN NOT WAIT. Make sure not to miss this one.