Every gamer has the internal struggle of trying to determine what game to purchase. With next-gen consoles emerging, new games are coming out weekly by the truckload, and that means more and more money out of your pocket.

Humble Weekly is here to help ease your mind and wallet. For those of you unaware, The Humble Weekly features sales every Thursday and often bundles multiple games together for one low price point to you, the consumer.

This week, Humble Weekly teamed up with ACE Team, ATLUS Games and Tripwire Interactive to offer a pack of six games, which they are letting you name your price for. Yes, you read that right, you name the price.

If purchased, you will receive Zeno Clash, Zeno Clash 2, Killing Floor and Dwarfs!?, and for an additional $6 on top of whatever you decide to pay, they will throw in Rock of Ages and Rising Storm for free.

If the deal seems too good, it only gets better. When you purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes to your choice of charity, either Child's Play Charity or the American Red Cross.

Games are all available on Windows via Steam, and if purchased separately will run you more than $90.For more details and information check out The Humble Bundle Site here, to purchase.

Cheap games and charity? Don't think it gets much better then that.

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