Ingredients: 2 oz. apple flavored gin, 3/4 oz. Rose’s lime juice or fresh squeezed lime juice, lime wedge
Directions: Stir gin and lime juice briskly, strain into an ice-filled Old Fashioned glass; use lime wedge for garnish.

Most cocktail recipes instruct you to stand in the corner wearing a dayglo-colored dunce cap if you even think about including bottled juices or mixes in your libation. The gimlet, however, is supposed to be made with sweetened bottled juice, namely Rose’s lime juice. You see, it was created by British sailors back in the 1800s that drank the bottled lime juice to avoid getting scurvy, and drank gin to… well, to get drunk. It was only a matter of time before someone thought to combine the two, and cocktail history was made. In this give-me-fresh-squeezed-or-give-me-death era, fresh squeezed lime juice has started making an appearance in gimlets. It’s not correct, technically, but it’s delicious, so who cares. Apple flavored gin goes well with both versions, giving a gimlet mellow lower fruity notes to go along with the up-front flavors of the lime.