The smoothie can be virtue in a glass, a meal on the go for movers and shakers who are too busy moving and shaking to sit down to breakfast or lunch. A (more or less) satisfying way to skip a meal without getting all cranky from hypoglycemia. A tasty and pain-free delivery system for all those essential vitamins and antioxidants without having to eat, you know, salads.

It’s no secret that smoothies are also a great way to get drunk. After all, a mid-morning frozen margarita may not be the most appealing thought, but a pineapple and orange juice smoothie with a little tequila in it is a great A.M. eye opener, with alcohol and vitamins in one handy-dandy (and very tasty) package. Here are 10 of our favorite boozy smoothies, ideal for brunch, cocktail hour, dessert… and maybe even the occasional morning commute.