Today, we get another look at Ubisoft's newest project Watch Dogs dropping for both Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

This preview follows the game's main character Aiden Pearce as he scours through Ubisoft's rendition of the Windy City. From the projects to the suburbs and back through the downtown heart of the city, Chicago is as much a character as Pearce. This 14 minute walkthrough gives a high level of multi-combat situations from hand to hand fighting, to shootout's with locals, and some of the city's most corrupt characters.

The preview also gives a deeper look into the story line which centers around a new communications system which allows people to hack into cellphones, computers, and any internet device which proves to be dangerous when placed in the wrong hands. This communication system when in your hands is a invaluable tool and provides a level of stealth that is unlike any other game out.

Be sure to grab your copy of Watch Dogs which is set to release on November 19.

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