Payday: The Heist was a major success mainly because of it's co-operative mode that had you working with friends to pull off some of largest five finger discounts seen in game.

With success comes expectation of the future and the Payday franchise is looking to spread it's wings outside the co-operative and expand into the online versus mode......well maybe.

Overkill Software's next Payday game could include an online verus mode that would allow players to control either criminals pulling off the heist, or cops attempting to thwart off any such activity. The feature was left out of the recently released Payday 2 in order to maintain the games main focus of co-op missions but that didn't keep the games director David Goldfarb from hinting at a possible versus mode.

"The one thing, without going into too much detail, is we made a lot of decisions on this game that were ambitious and risky, and one of the reasons that we were able to get it out on time and make it generally a good game is that we didn't entertain a lot of stuff that was outside of our core focus, and the core focus is not versus," Goldfarb stated. "The core focus is co-op."

As it looks now, there will not be a DLC add-on for a versus mode in Payday 2, but the idea of having a cops vs robbers aspect of a online versus mode sounds like a fresh idea that hopefully will be implemented in future games. 

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