Address: 889 West Peachtree St. NE

Daiquiri Factory's parking lot is unusable and reeks of hot garbage. The music is so loud that it's impossible to speak to the person next to you or place an order at the bar (assuming you're able to get anyone's attention). Strong drinks don't make up for the fried grease planks that make up the majority of the menu. The main attraction here is the outdoor patio, which comes with a side of West Peachtree car exhaust. If you're interested in playing pool, take advantage of the bar's complimentary pool table, hands-down the worst in town. It's a turd of a table, sitting in a back room so small you can't stretch out to take a shot. One of the walls is a mirror, which is great for patrons who want to practice their back-up dancer routines to the Usher song on repeat. Tryouts are next week, y'all.