Remember in Borderlands when your buddies couldn’t all fit into one car? Well, Gearbox is solving that problem by including 4-seater vehicles. This time around, you don't have to worry about lower level players taking the goods that you worked so hard to earn. Players can also duel or trade for both items and money giving everyone an equal chance to get their hands on the most coveted weapondry.

To make things even more player-friendly, Borderlands 2 now supports local split-screen co-op. How’s that for improvement?

Gearbox has put a lot into the game already, so I can’t imagine this all staying on a single disk. They were pretty tight-lipped on a lot of the DLC options (as every other game company) but I wouldn’t be surprised if Claptrap made a return at some point. 

Expect Borderlands 2 in stores for both Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 18.