I was able to spend a lot of time with Maya, and while Sirens are known to stealthily "Phasewalk", Maya has a new power called "Phaselock". Phaselocking allows her to freeze her enemies in an energy bubble, making them more vulnerable to attack. Her powers are mostly used to heal both herself and her team but this all works with Phaselocking quite well. The "Harmony" skill tree includes healing skills like "Sweet Release". This allows a Phaselocked enemy to give out Life Orbs that heal about 10% of lost health. The "Elated" skill can also cause a Phaselocked enemy to regenerate your health completely-as long as they are still frozen. Upgrades on that skill will determine how long the regeneration takes. Another crucial healing skill in the Harmony tree is called "Res", which allows Maya to revive a fallen comrade by Phaselocking them. 

The "Motion" skill tree supports Maya while she’s in battle by providing shield boosts and more abilities, while the "Inertia" skill increases both reload speed and shield regeneration. Kinetic Reflection helps Maya reflect enemy bullets back at them. A skill called, "Suspension" increases Maya’s Phaselock duration and "Ward" increases Shield Capacity while lowering shield recharge delay.

The last skill tree is named "Cataclysm," which can help a lot in nasty battle situations. For example, the "Helios" skill makes a Phaselocked enemy explode and emblazes everything within radius. Players can think of Maya as an all-around support character in groups, and a deadly force by herself.

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