6. Donovan's Pub

Address: 57-24 Roosevelt Ave., Queens
Website: n/a

Oh, what’s that? The health department recently shut the pub down for a couple days? But they reopened? Yes. Well then, we're sure it’s clean now.

Actually, probably it’s not, but who cares. Give us a great burger and a few beers, and we can forget all about it.

This is the best a burger can be without trying, which makes it the coolest burger on the block. It’s the best possible version of what your father was always grilling up, a fact you'll admit when you first taste the burger, a fact that will prove you’re man enough to drop the sentimental attachment you have to to your father’s grilling. (We understand; it’s hard to do.)

Donovan’s hamburgers are simple, big and juicy. Smother it with cheese and bacon. It’s a greasy, char-broiled, half-pound beast. Health code issues—whatever. Donovan’s is worth the trip to Queens.