Premiere: Electro-Pop Band Balcony Pay Tribute To Warhol's Screen Tests In "Pink Hair Green Eyes" Visuals

"A true portrait."

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Clear fans of the '60s and the Pop Art movement specifically, electro pop four-piece Balcony are today sharing their new video inspired by that very theme. "Pink Hair Green Eyes" is itself an hypnotic, psychedelic piece of pop that swirls and oozes to almost dizzying effect. It's a perfect fit for the intimate visuals, which make even clearer reference to Andy Warhol and his experiments in photography. The band go into it in more detail below, but the best way to understand is to watch the video for yourself, in all its trippy glory.

"The video was our take on Warhol's Factory 'screen tests' which is a concept we fell in love with and was in turn borne out of Warhol's obsession with photo booths and wanting to capture the moments in-between the frames. A true portrait. We wanted to capture in between the moments of some of our friends and portray the intoxication and desire 'Pink Hair' was to us."

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