Cardi B Explains How Offset's Michael Jackson Tattoo Distracts Her When They Get Intimate

She suggested she feels like the tattoo of Michael Jackson is staring at her sometimes.

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Cardi B says that Offset's tattoo of Michael Jackson on his stomach can be a little distracting when they get intimate.

In an interview on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning, Cardi spoke about the issue she has with her husband's ink. "Offset, he has a rhythm, I don't have no rhythm," she said at the 11-minute point when Peter Rosenberg suggested that her husband has been exhibiting a new level of energy in his performances recently. Laura Stylez suggested that he's got a sort of "Michael Jackson-ish" style as of late, to which Cardi made it clear how much Offset loves MJ.

"Well, he love Michael Jackson, he got him tattooed twice," she said. "I really need y'all to see that Michael Jackson tattoo he got on his stomach. I don't even wanna take it there... Y'all really have to see it, because every single time we're like, you know, it just be looking at me." The hosts erupted into laughter because Cardi made it pretty clear what she was referring to by making a little gesture with her mouth.

"The tattoo really be looking at me, like, 'Yeeaaahhh...," she said, before going back to the topic of Offset's appreciation for Black performers. "He love Michael Jackson, he love Prince, he love James Brown."

You can see Offset's Michael Jackson stomach tattoo in this photo

Elsewhere in the interview, Ebro asked if she's been waiting to release the album because of the number of big projects on the horizon, but she said it wasn't even something she considered. "I wasn't even thinking like that, with my first album and everything, [and] for this album I'm just holding it because I just feel like I'm missing a couple of things," she explained around the five-minute point. "Then on top of that... Everything just has to be perfect. I feel like people are expecting so much, and for my first album I didn't get to do like not even half the things that I wanted to do because I was, like, super duper pregnant."

She said she missed out on the opportunity to make more videos or tour more extensively in support of Invasion of Privacy, but that won't be the case with her long-anticipated second album. At the 14-minute point, she shared that it'll "definitely" arrive in 2024 at the latest.

Watch the full interview with Cardi B above.

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