For his new collab with Jaira Burns, Demo Taped is tackling the emotional toll of unrequited love in the modern age.

"We wake up and immediately go to our app of choice to see what our friends, crushes, lovers, etc. are doing at every moment," Demo Taped told Complex of the new track. "We're so conditioned that we do it without thought. To me, this song is about feeling neglected and unwanted while dipping into the feelings behind what we do with these devices and how we sort of torture ourselves."

Burns, whose Interscope-backed debut Burn Slow dropped back in July, was so drawn to the track's feel that she decided to give Demo Taped her first-ever guest appearance. "I'm excited to be a part of this song with Demo Taped!" she explained. "I really liked the vibe and progression of the track and it was an easy decision to jump on this song with Demo Taped as my first feature."

Catch the premiere of Demo Taped and Jaira Burns' "Everyone Else" up top.

Earlier this year, Demo Taped released Momentary EP, featuring the single "Insecure."

In an Instagram post dated Aug. 30, the Atlanta-born artist explained his recent social media absence to fans while speaking candidly about the importance of mental health and self-care: