Lord Finesse f/ Sadat X, Large Professor, and Grand Puba “Actual Facts” (1996)

Album: The Awakening

Label: Penalty

Producer: Myke Loe & Jesse West

Large Professor: “That was dope. Yeah, Finesse called me up, he was on Penalty. We were cool, we were always cool. He said, ‘Yo, roll through to the studio, I wanna put you on this joint.’

“I came through to the studio, and Sadat was just finishing up his verse. Finesse was sitting there, and was like, ‘Yo, jump on this. You can write right now.’ So I wrote my joint up, got in the booth, knocked it out. And I was like, ‘You like that joint right there? That shit was aiight?’ And everybody in the room was like, ‘Hell yeah!’ And I was like, ‘No doubt.’ Nas was the king of that. He would be like, ‘Yo man, that was aiight?’ And we’d be like, ‘Hell yeah!’ We’d always be buggin’ [even though he wasn’t sure if we would like it].

“Then, Finesse dropped his rhyme. Puba wasn’t there, which is why I was like, ‘He’s probably somewhere out in Aruba.’ He was always missing. That was a little inside joke.

“Then, we did the video [where we were all rocking on stage at the club with the old school mic]. That was nice, man. That was a booster for me, because that was in between projects, right when I was getting that Geffen project together.”