A Boston mother-of-three faced a major dilemma earlier this: continue her years-long nursing career or pursue OnlyFans full-time. She chose the latter.

According to the Daily Beast, the 37-year-old mother, who is known as Allie Rae online, quit her job at a top Massachusetts hospital back in December after her co-workers discovered her racy photos posted on Instagram and The Chive. She told the outlet that six of her colleagues had notified management about her social media activity, but was ultimately given a warning, as the content was relatively mild and she never disclosed her real identity or place of employment. However, Rae said the incident made her uncomfortable because she felt as though people were concentrating more on her internet work than her performance in the ICU.

Fast-forward to March of this year, when a number of nurses in her unit came across her OnlyFans page. Rae said her co-workers paid for a subscription only to take multiple screenshots and later presented them to their boss. 

“It was like Mean Girls for adults,” she recalled. “They got the director involved and it was, ‘You need to get rid of this account or we can’t have you working here.’ That really bothered me.”

She quit shortly after.

“I didn’t even need the money,” she said about her nursing job. “I was making more money on OnlyFans than I was as a nurse and was only doing it because I loved it—but once I became ‘the girl who does OnlyFans,’ it tore me apart.”

Rae said she launched her OnlyFans after receiving countless Instagram DMs from people asking her to join the platform. She brought up the idea to her husband, who ultimately gave his support and helped her create an account in September 2020.

“I posted a couple of photos and by the end of the day, I had 20 subscribers,” she remembers. “So, I posted every day—or every other day—and by the end of our first month, we’d made $8,000, which surpassed my monthly nursing salary. And it was COVID, so it wasn’t the most pleasant time at work. To see that much money come in with such little effort…,” she mutters, trailing off. “This was a completely new frontier. I was just your typical girl,” she adds. “As far as how it felt, my husband and I were married very young, so it was liberating.”