Sony has just one of its senior vice presidents for PlayStation Network after he was allegedly exposed in a YouTube video of trying to meet up with a 15-year-old boy.

According to Cnet, George Cacioppo worked at Sony for eight years in the engineering department and was fired on Sunday, Dec. 5, after he appeared in a video from the YouTube account People vs. Preds that specializes in posing as minors so that they can expose pedophiles trying to meet up with them. Sony released a statement following the video they posted on Dec. 3 that features Cacioppo being caught in the act.

“We are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been terminated from employment,” the company said in an emailed statement Sunday. 

People vs. Preds has numerous others like it where they lure unsuspecting predators out by posing as an underaged person and then try and get the predator to admit their wrongdoings on camera. In this one, the cameraman confronts Cacioppo at the front door of what was likely his home and asks him to confess who he was expecting to meet. He also refers to Cacioppo as “Jeff,” the fake name he used on the dating app Grindr.

The man, who appears to be Cacioppo, is seen in a black PS5 shirt and goes back into his home once the cameraman threatens to call the police if he doesn’t speak to him and confess that he was trying to see a minor.

People v. Preds also confirmed to Cnet that the information was sent to the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office. Cacioppo and his team have yet to comment.