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Location: Chicago
Founded: 2015

“Founded by MC-educators Klevah and TRUTH of the musical duo Mother Nature, the organization strives to address and improve mental health issues in adolescents globally using the language of hip-hop. The MisEducation of HipHop is a music-based youth development program focused on self-acceptance, healing traumas, and dream-building. MISED is established under Mother Nature, Inc. a 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on community, culture, performance, and entrepreneurship. 

“Mother Nature has always placed community at the forefront of their mission and their artistry. Since 2015, Mother Nature has curated workshops and events centered around mental wellness to help participants unlearn fears, explore new passions, and unlock the possibilities of their genius. Partnering with organizations such as Guitars Over Guns, After School Matters, the University of Illinois Urbana – Champaign, and many more, Mother Nature has been able to mentor over 600-plus students nationwide through MISED both physically and virtually. Mother Nature’s vision is to create a system of sustainable holistic healing for future generations through hip-hop.

“Join our movement! Visit to make a donation and learn more about our philosophy of ‘Healing and Transforming through HipHop.’” —MISED Team