Behold the collective power of Young Nudy and 21 Savage.

Earlier this week, a Twitter user posted video from a recent graduation party that caused thousands of dollars in damage. The footage, shared by @topxkazi, shows a large crowd of revelers turning up to Nudy and 21’s joint track “EA,” off the former’s 2017 project SlimeBall 2. The attendees are seen packed inside a small room, jumping and shouting out the lyrics before there is a loud commotion and screams of distress. It turns out the track got party-goers so enthusiastic they caused the floor to completely cave in.

Twitter user @topxkazi initially wrote that the event went down at an Airbnb and was on the hook for $15,000.

“We threw the littest graduation party of 2021 at a AirBnB and the floor caved in,” the video was captioned. “We was listening to ‘EA’ by Young Nudy and n****s got too lit. Now I have to pay for 15k in damages. Can y’all fwm?”

A subsequent video shows the full extent of the damages. Abraham Nelson of Marietta, Georgia, has since launched a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the bill. The description on the fundraiser page states “people got hurt,” but the number and extent of injuries remains unclear.

@topxkazi claims the owner of the Airbnb approved the party—without an attendance cap—as long as he was paid “extra.” The host of the event has also called on his followers to “spam” Nudy to let him know “what his music doin to people.”

A rep for Young Nudy told Complex the rapper plans to contribute money toward the GoFundMe.

Nudy went on to speak to Rolling Stone about the situation, saying, “One of my fans kept sending me that shit so I went and clicked on it. And then I seen the shit and was like, ‘Damn they done fell through the floor. … I been to a lot of house parties when I was younger but I don’t remember no floor falling through. … It wasn’t no type of parties like the ones they going to. Our shit wasn’t lit like that. It was a different type of lit.”

Asked if he could’ve envisioned “EA” spawning such an incident, he said, “You never know what the future gonna look like when you making the music. I knew they was gon’ fuck with it but I ain’t think they were about to god damn fall through the floor.”

He signed off with a little advice. “Make sure your house is goddamn structured right,” Nudy told the mag. “Before you throw a party with a huge amount of people, make sure that shit structured right.”