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TMZ recently spoke with Durven Dawes, the Black father of four children with Stephanie Denaro, the white woman who became known as “Bagel Karen” after she hurled a racial slur at a Black employee at a New York bakery.

While Dawes says he’s vehemently opposed to anyone, Denaro included, using such “race spitting poison,” his primary concern is for the wellbeing of their children. TMZ notes Dawes previously lost a custody battle over their biracial kids, who have allegedly been used in several alarming social media posts, such as one where the caption read, “Happy Columbus Day from people who wouldnt exist if not for the Trans Atlantic slave trade.” 

Since the incident earlier this week, Davidovich Bakery employee Victor Kamara has been the recipient of several random acts of kindness, ranging from a person handing him a $100 bill in an envelope to someone gifting him a $100 MetroCard to another leaving sage to help get rid of Denaro’s bad energy in the bakery. He’s even received a scholarship offer from Mercy College, which he plans on accepting and pursuing a degree in business management.

While Denaro has shockingly denied using the N-word despite the existence of visual evidence proving otherwise, Kamara was given an apology from Dawes on behalf of his family. 

Kamara has also been offered legal representation, but he doesn’t appear to be inclined to press charges against Denaro. Instead, he prefers to use his experience as a teaching moment on how other people of color can react when dealing with a racist.