A maskless woman was recorded coughing on shoppers in a supermarket in Nebraska, Raw Story reports.

Twitter user @davenewworld_2 shared the interaction Tuesday inside the chain store, with an anti-masker who laughed off the surging threat of the Delta variant, while following people around, coughing on them and their groceries. The woman insisted she wasn’t sick and therefore, didn’t need to wear a face covering. “I have allergies,” she said, laughing. “Maybe I have a medical [issue]. I don’t need to wear a mask.”

A Reddit user had the alleged misfortune of interacting with this despicable human being, which started with her approaching the victim and their child with a question. 

“I was about to say ‘I don’t work here, lady,’ when she asked why we were wearing masks. That’s when I realized that she wasn’t wearing one herself,” the person recalled in a post. “I started walking away, while replying, ‘Because of the Delta variant, and also because there’s a mandate.’ Then she went on about how she was born and raised here in Nebraska, and it’s too bad that some Nebraskans have turned into sheep.” 

After an employee intervened, the woman and the customer went their separate ways. Shortly thereafter, the anti-masker returned and continued harassing the shopper. “I told her she needs to keep her distance and that her coughing on me was assault,” the person added. “She laughed and kept saying ‘Look at you, it’s so cute how scared you are!’ By this time I was absolutely livid, trying my best to hold it together in front of my kid.” 

The victim said they didn’t finish shopping and proceeded to go to self-checkout, but the woman kept following them. The person alerted a worker nearby, but before that person responded, the shopper left.