Time Magazine Called Out for Choosing Alleged Assaulter Donald Trump as No. 2 Person of the Year

After their No. 1 spot went to the Silence Breakers tearing down a culture of sexual assault.

Donald Trump

Image via Getty/Kevin Dietsch-Pool

Donald Trump

This morning Time named the multitudes coming forward with their stories of sexual assault—christened the “Silence Breakers”—as Person of the Year for 2017. These people, facing possible backlash from the variety of industries they’ve worked in for large chunks of their lives, showcased a tremendous amount of bravery by sharing their accounts with the public in hopes of deterring future predatory behavior and punishing unchecked wrongs. As if to undermine their valor, Time announced that President Donald Trump was the first runner-up for the yearly honor. The publication now faces considerable flack for their choice.

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