Man Says He Temporarily Went Blind While Trying to Cry for Seven Days Straight to Break World Record

The side effects, blindness among them, are not going to deter the man's efforts. Instead, he's going to reduce his "wailing" moving forward.

man is seen crying
Image via Facebook/237TOWNCRYER
man is seen crying

A global record-seeking crier says he was forced to make efforts to “reduce [his] wailing” after experiencing temporary blindness.

Per a recent report from BBC News, the man—identified as Tembu Ebere—was working toward seven days of nonstop crying when he started to experience some unpleasant side effects, including going blind “for 45 minutes.” However, this has not deterred the man.

“I had to restrategize and reduce my wailing,” he told the publication as part of its larger coverage of the recent record-breaking rush across Nigeria and surrounding regions. While Ebere's extensive crying has reportedly not been officially registered as a Guinness World Records effort, the present popularity of taking on such challenges was inspired by chef Hilda Baci, who was formally recognized last month after setting the record for the world’s longest cooking marathon. Per GWS calculations, the 26-year-old chef broke the record in question by cooking for 93 hours and 11 minutes.

By July, Guinness World Records had shared a public reminder for those trying to set their own records to "have your world record title confirmed by our team before attempting it." The GWS process begins with combing a records database, after which an application is sent off. It can take up to 12 weeks for a response, which—if indicating an acceptance—will include further instructions on requirements.

Though the crying is reported as not being a GWR-registered undertaking, Complex has reached out to the organization for comment. This story may be updated.

Among the crying-related records previously confirmed by GWR from elsewhere in the world is the title for the “largest town cry,” which went to a group of 280 people from Dorchester in 2008.

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