Ivanka Trump's Cringeworthy 'Why I Disagree With My Dad' Cover Instantly Memed

The goofy cover story on Ivanka was immediately slammed on social media for obvious reasons.


Image via Marc Nozell


Twitter justice was swift for Us Weekly's putrid cover story on Ivanka Trump. On the cover of the latest issue of a publication readily available for purchase directly beneath or in the general vicinity of gum and Diet Coke at your local grocery store, Ivanka's face is paired with the all-caps phrase "WHY I DISAGREE WITH MY DAD." For the record, her dad is this fucking guy.

us weekly effing up

The accompanying online story features quotes from sources "close to Ivanka," offering up claims about her influence on her father's White House decisions. "They win some and they lose some," one so-called "Ivanka insider" said. Whatever, boring, who cares, etc. 

Thankfully, Twitter didn't let this attempt at an Ivanka rebranding slide:


— Lauren Duca (@laurenduca) June 7, 2017

Why I Disagree With My Dad was the subject line of the email I wrote my mom about why my parents should unground me in 9th grade

— Charlotte Wilder (@TheWilderThings) June 7, 2017

Why I disagree with my dad pic.twitter.com/bbO0ZgnvoW

— Evan DeSimone (@Smorgasboredom) June 7, 2017

Ivanka: "Why I disagree with my Dad."

SPOILERS: It's for branding purposes. https://t.co/IKaLEak2nN

— Justin Yandell (@JustYandelI) June 7, 2017

Original title "Playing Hard to get with Father"

— Ken Reid (@KennethWReid) June 7, 2017

'Why I Disagree With My Dad' pic.twitter.com/lqoJCjKHKX

— zeddy (@Zeddary) June 7, 2017

"WHY I DISAGREE WITH MY DAD AND WON'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT" would be a more insightful piece.

— Ron Jenkins (@RonAJenkins) June 7, 2017

"Why I Disagree With My Dad" pic.twitter.com/pM1Ad3psqk

— Annie Shoup (@shoupshouts) June 7, 2017

OK, I got it all out of my system pic.twitter.com/ggZUQqZGne

— Shawn McGuan (@the_mcgone) June 7, 2017

Why I Disagree With My Dad pic.twitter.com/ByOXRo6Rxj

— Paul F. Tompkins (@PFTompkins) June 7, 2017

"Why I Disagree With My Dad" pic.twitter.com/xDzZjPg7ZJ

— Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) June 7, 2017

WHY I DISAGREE WITH MY DAD pic.twitter.com/LsufTaiBTT

— Daily Trix (@DailyTrix) June 7, 2017

Us Weekly, acquired by pro-Trump American Media, is now a state propaganda organ. Content sponsored by Ivanka's fragrance line, Complicit™ https://t.co/k73H7zUz29

— Jeff Yang 🫶 (@originalspin) June 7, 2017

So, um, why does this weird fucking cover story even exist? Here's a possible reason:

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