Glenn Beck Shoves His Face Into Crushed Cheetos to Get That Donald Trump Glow

No Mountain Dew?

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The United States of America may never look at Cheetos the same way ever again. Glenn Beck, more or less the human manifestation of whatever portion of the American Dream Cheetos represents, successfully ruined the obnoxiously messy snack during his radio show on Friday with three of his friends and/or fellow Cheetos fetishists. This disturbing act of food waste, of course, was spurred by none other than Donald Trump:

Yes, concerned Americans. That is Glenn Beck's face, albeit smothered in crushed Cheetos. The clip, picked up by the Verge for presumably Cheetos-related reasons, is stuffed to the brim with hilarious and/or harrowing Glenn Beckery. Too afraid to click play and have Cheetos, a word no one in their right mind should ever have to type this many times in a row, ruined forever? Here's just the very first slice of the Glenn Beckery in question, ironically inspired by someone who spews a ridiculously offensive rhetoric not unlike Beck's own:

"After seeing Donald Trump on television, we thought if you wore the swim goggles and you stuck your face in crushed Cheetos that you would look just like Donald Trump in the end."

Fair point. Also, just so we're clear, Beck didn't waste his time with Hot Cheetos or anything fancy. Beck, a man generally not known for things like restraint or basic logic, managed to stick with the original Cheetos flavor for his own oddly passionate face dumping. The former Fox News personality even got his production team to put together a handy side-by-side comparison of Trump and one of Beck's alleged friends:

RIP Cheetos. Long live Mountain Dew?


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