Apple Is Launching a New Video App That’ll Up Your Social Media Game

With their new Clips app, Apple is hoping to change up the way iPhone and iPad users visually express themselves.

Apple stopped short of launching its own social network Tuesday, instead announcing its new Clips app. The app aims to make the process of creating your own Instagram-ready videos less of a hassle by not relying on the traditionally complicated components of editing programs. Users can combine video clips, pics, and even music into shareable video for Messages, Facebook, and the aforementioned Instagram.

Clips on the iPhone

Apple simultaneously introduced Live Titles, self-described as a "breakthrough feature" that lets iPhone or iPad users make their own animated captions or titles using only their voice in the Clips app. Clips also gives users the ability to apply comic book-style filters, speech bubbles, and full-screen animated posters to make their creations totally unique.

iPhone clips

For those who love their iPhones to be, like, way bigger with the word Pad in the name instead of Phone, here's what Clips looks like on the iPad:

iPad Clips

"Clips gives iPhone and iPad users a new way to express themselves through video, and it's incredibly easy to use," Susan Prescott, Apple’s VP of Apps Product Marketing, said in a press release Tuesday. "The effects, filters, and amazing new Live Titles we've designed for Clips let anyone make great-looking, easily sharable videos with just a few taps." Clips will be available on the App Store for $0.00 in April.

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Tuesday also saw the announcement of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition. The phones are quite red and will be available to order starting Friday.

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