Is Apple Prepping an All-Glass iPhone 8 to Mark the Device's 10th Anniversary?

Apple is reportedly developing an all-glass iPhone 8 for the devices 10-year anniversary, so start saving up those stacks.

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Forget about the iPhone 7. Get it out of your head. The real game-changer might be the iPhone 8, reportedly due next year. As the first generation iPhone first shook up the industry back in 2007, the release of the iPhone 8 will strategically align with the beloved device's 10th anniversary. According to an Apple patent spotted by Salon, previous rumors of an all-glass iPhone are starting to sound a lot more plausible.

"An electronic device may be provided that has a flexible display with bent edges," the patent states. "Bent edges of the flexible display may be visible along a sidewall or edge of the electronic device." As noted by Salon, the patent hints that the iPhone 8 (not, interestingly enough, the iPhone 7s) may have a "damage-resistant glass face" on one or both edges. Furthermore, the physical buttons on the device may be replaced with digital ones that shift their functionality depending on what exactly the user is doing on the device.

To make the rumors even more worthy of superb Maya Rudolph GIFs, electronics manufacturer Hon Hai Precision (Foxconn) is reportedly working hard on developing a "glass casing for smartphones" for an alleged revamping of the iPhone. "Foxconn has been trying glass chassis since last year," a Foxconn source tellsNikkei Asian Review. "It is only natural that Foxconn is trying to come up with glass chases as the capabilities to provide more components will bolster its standing within the supply chain and help more orders."

Sounds hella promising. Given that the biggest change-up on this year’s iPhone 7 is most likely the death of the headphone jack (RIP), Apple may very well be prepping for some major changes in 2017. Salon's report also seems to suggest that Apple is considering skipping over the iPhone 7s in favor of leaping right into the 8 next year, which would definitely be an interesting move. At any rate, now would be a good time to ask for a raise in your allowance and/or start selling everything you own on Craigslist. Can't be caught with some busted ass phone from 2015!

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