Brock Turner's Parents Are Worried About His Safety

Brock Turner's parents are worried about his safety after his release from jail, and are asking the cops to monitor protests.

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Brock Turner, the former Stanford swimmer who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman in January of 2015, is running into some issues after being released from jail on Friday after serving just three months of his six-month sentence. Turner's parents have asked local cops to help them deal with protestors outside their house, according to TMZ. Dan and Carleen Turner are also worried about death threats. 

The family is not yet at their suburban Ohio home. As of yesterday, they were in a hotel near the jail in Santa Clara, Calif. But despite their absence, the Daily News is reporting "hordes of protestors" outside the house, with some writing obscene messages in chalk on the sidewalk.

The fact that Turner now has to register as a sex offender has not made his neighbors feel reassured. One of them told ABC News that she was not happy about her now-infamous neighbor's return.

“To have somebody like that in our neighborhood, who isn’t very friendly to young women—I just have an issue with,” she said.

Turner's case inspired national outrage when Judge Aaron Persky sentenced the Stanford student to six months in jail, out of a possible stretch of 14 years. In the wake of that decision and the criticism that followed, Persky has decided to not hear criminal cases anymore.

Many people on social media were not at all sympathetic to the Turners' safety concerns, contrasting them with the actions of their son.


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