Brace Yourself: Donald Trump is Now on Snapchat Too

President Donald Trump is taking his angry, small Twitter fingers over to Snapchat as part of a new social media roll out.

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President Donald Trump has made his social media presence known lately by insulting Civil Rights leader John Lewis during the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial holiday weekend and reportedly having the Interior Department's Twitter account suspended after the National Park Service posted tweets criticizing him. With opinions still divided on Trump’s qualifications to be President, he’s somehow found time to troll Brian Williams, Elizabeth Warren, Alec Baldwin and other celebrities. Now, Donald Trump will extend his social media use to Snapchat.

Trump uses the same @RealDonaldTrump handle he uses on Twitter, and his account was active on Inauguration Day, with several brief video clips.

This isn’t Trump’s first interaction with Snapchat, as his team secured a major advertising buy in the days leading up to the Presidential Election last year.

“According to Snap Inc., Republican nominee Donald Trump has secured tomorrow's national geofilter ad for Election Day, although it's not clear if his team has also purchased a sponsored lens, which can cost upwards of $750,000 on days with major events or holidays,” reported AdWeek's Lauren Johnson.

According to Politico, a previous Trump Snapchat filter, which rolled out prior to a September debate, was viewed 80 million times. For those keeping count, President Trump now has two Twitter accounts, a Facebook account, is scheduled to regularly appear on the official White House Instagram account, and also has a Snapchat account. Maybe it's time to re-think this whole social media thing.

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