We Asked Donald Trump If It Goes 'Down in the DM'

Nadeska Alexis and Hanuman Welch interviewed Donald Trump for Complex News at the Republican Debate in Miami and asked him if it goes 'Down In The DM.

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Complex News was broadcasting live from the University of Miami on Thursday night, March 10, to cover the Republican Debate ahead of Tuesday's big primaries in Florida and Ohio -- and we actually managed to catch up with the main man himself: Donald Trump.

Unlike previous debates, the real estate mogul was very cool and calm during this debate, so of course we had to ask him why. Complex NEWS reporters Nadeska Alexis and Hanuman Welch also pressed him about his relationship with Ben Carson and Hillary Clinton, and then.... we asked him if it really goes "Down in the DM."

He also told us to get our money up. See what he had to say in the video above.

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