Walmart Employee Claims She Was Fired After Sharing Video of Mother Neglecting Her Baby Inside Store

The woman was filmed tossing frozen vegetables at her baby who was shivering in the shopping cart.

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Walmart employee claims she was fired for posting a video she took of a toddler wearing nothing but a diaper in cold temperatures while his mother was shopping.

The former employee, named Felecia Darling, told WLBT News she was fired for going against company policy by sharing the video on social media. According to Darling, the mother walked into the store with her child and put him in a shopping basket, only wearing a diaper while shivering.

Darling began recording, and several shoppers confronted the mother about the baby's condition, which led to her putting her jacket on him. At one point in the video, the mother stopped in a freezer aisle and tossed a bag of frozen vegetables at the child. Police arrested the mother, named Kambria Darby, and she is facing a child neglect charge.


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"You're a mother, a child represents you," Darling told WLBT News. "And if you come in the store fully clothed and your son is not, that shows a lot about your character and that shows a lot that you don't care. How could you come in Walmart fully dressed knowing it's a lot of people watching you? She probably thought nobody was going to step up, but, you know, we did."

According to police, Child Protective Services also got involved with the incident and released the child to an approved relative. Darby, on the other hand, was processed and booked at the Hinds County Detention Center on bond conditions ordered by the Hinds County Youth Court.

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