Night Manager Charged After Allegedly Entering Room and Sucking Toes of Hotel Guest

A bizarre incident involving a hotel guest has David Neal, 52, accused of entering the room and sucking on a man's toes. Neal has been arrested and charged.

This is a photo of a hotel room.

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This is a photo of a hotel room.

A man staying in a Hilton Hotel in Tennessee woke up to quite the predicament when he caught the evening manager sucking on his toes.

According to Law & Crime, David Patrick Neal was arrested Friday after he allegedly entered the room of the man staying at the downtown Nashville Hilton Hotel on March 30 and put his mouth around his toes. Neal was taken into custody and charged with one count each of aggravated burglary and assault while being hit with a $27,000 bond.

The guest filed a lawsuit alleging sexual assault and told officers with the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department he was visiting the city on a business trip. He was reportedly asleep when he suddenly woke up around 5:30 a.m. to find Neal making contact with his feet.

According to Nashville ABC affiliate WKRN-TV, police took statements from the guest and Neal, who admitted he entered the unit without permission by using a copy of the room key. However, Neal told police he entered the room after allegedly smelling smoke and wanted to make sure things were fine.

The arrest report stated Neal didn’t notify anyone on staff about smelling smoke, nor did guests report anything of that nature. Neal also told police that he threw away the key but was never recovered.

“All my life you just have that sense of security, and that sense of peace, right? It’s not like you’re camping and you have to kind of keep one eye open,” the victim told WKRN. “You have that security that’s yours, and when you close your eyes, you feel like you’re safe and you’re protected and it was a complete violation.”

He continued: “I was just so, so shocked. It was, ‘Who are you? Why are you in my room?’ It was almost like a dream, a sort of nightmare. It just didn’t make sense. Why is this person touching me?”

Michael Fisher, the victim’s attorney, stated in the lawsuit that Neal has an extensive criminal past, including serving five years in prison for manslaughter and more. “Multiple charges of forgery, drinking and driving, a manslaughter conviction as well, which served prison time,” said Fisher in a statement. “When Hilton hired this person, they had to have known. They have to do background checks to know, and the fact that they would put somebody like that in a position where they have the ability to clone keys, have the ability to get into a guest’s room, it’s just shocking.”

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