Here's Why Siri Says Some Wildly Offensive Sh*t When You Ask 'What Is an Indian?'

Here's why Siri says some wild racist stuff when you ask "What is an Indian?"

iPhone 4s with Siri

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iPhone 4s with Siri

Ever since Apple introduced its "intelligent personal assistant" Siri to its devices in 2011, it's been bugged out. From clapping at the Cleveland Browns and Chicago Cubs fans to not being a fan of the movie Her, there's something about the service that's been a little... off.

Back in 2012, someone imagined what it'd be like if Siri was racist, and today, based on a ridiculous edit to a Wikipedia page, we're living that life right now.

y'all trust me on this ask siri "what is an indian"

While it's not been confirmed WHY anyone asked Siri "What is an Indian" or "How many Indian," the answers Siri has given back are super offensive.

@tim_cook search for "How many Indian" on your iphone Siri.. see what you get.. How insulting..
How racist is this response, try yourself & ask Siri what is an Indian!

As you can see, Siri appears to be pulling from the Wikipedia entry on Indian, and while that offensive phrase is not listed on the page, a BuzzFeed investigation showed that on June 8, 2017, a Wikipedia user named Thedarkoverlord123 actually edited the entry for Indian to include the phrase. Changes were also apparently made to the Wikipedia entries for Diwali and Carbonara.

As of now, Apple hasn't responded to BuzzFeed's inquiries regarding its process on updating Siri's answers, but something clearly has to be done. Getting Siri to say some massively offensive shit should not be as easy as making a minor edit to a Wikipedia page.

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