What Is a Vaccine Passport? The Future of Travel, Explained

From what a vaccine passport is to how it works & availability, here’s everything you need to know about COVID-19 vaccine passports & post-pandemic travel.

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Vaccinations in America have begun to give people hope that they’ll be able to return to “normal” living come this summer. Add to that the fact that states like California and Texas are reopening with no restrictions and it feels like we are tempting fate with another spike in infection rates. Despite all of that, the word that has been buzzing in inboxes and on timelines is that “vaccine passports” will soon be the next wave in getting us out and about.

Last month, Israel made history by becoming the first country to introduce a certification system that allows vaccinated people to access certain facilities and events. For them, this means public places such as restaurants, gyms, and hotels will be open to those who have been vaccinated, but certification of this kind has made an impression on those wanting the full resumption of international air travel as well.

Since vaccine distribution began in the U.S. last December, more than 95.7 million doses have been administered, according to the CDC. This means that at least 2.1 million shots a day are going into the arms of those with dreams of laying up on a beach or seeing one of the world’s most iconic sights. With so many questions, confusion about what a “vaccine passport” would mean for those in need abounds.

Here, we’ll break down what’s happening and address the minefield around travel that awaits us in the months to come.

What are vaccine passports?

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Who is even using vaccine passports?

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How would vaccine passports work?

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Are there any vaccine passports available now?

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What are the concerns around vaccine passports?

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What are the benefits of having vaccine passports, then?

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